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Escort Girls Hotel Vlaanderen

As a extra for our clients we provide escort service in known hotels. This means that you can select any of our escort girls listed on our website, organise a booking, and make the delivery possible in the hotel of choice. This extra service is without any extra charge, and is at the same time private & discreet because we do not check ourself in towards the reception of the hotel. Please be aware that having guests on your room is not forbidden by law, and many hotels don't have any moral issues with this. For quick bookings please check the profile of the girl.

We work & accept various, 3 star hotels and above in Vlaanderen, Belgium. The delivery depends on the distance coming from Brussels and some travelling costs may apply. Please take a look at our rates for more info as we have various rates for several city's in Belgium. We are not a regular escort agency but provide mid to high class escort models available for bookings. These are real & legitimate girls from Belgium which are valued highly by our clients. Check out our website for more info or place your reservation by online escort booking.

Delivery to hotels & airbnb

As written having guests in your hotelroom or airbnb accomodation is not illegal. It is perfectly allowed and our extra service makes it a perfect occasion to meet escort girls. The advantage is that we do not charge any extra for just delivery in known hotels or airbnb adresses. However, it's not our duty to book these accomodations in our name for you as a client. You have to book these on your own behalf, and then place your reservation. Our staff will provide the selected girl fast & discreet with no driver parking in front of your door. This increases your privacy.

As Hotels or Airbnb adresses usually do not want to be asociated with an Escort Service, we cannot list names of known hotels or airbnb locations. We do assure you that delivery is possible to these locations. All we need is a valid adress, perhaps a inline phone to confirm that you are actually there and you are good to go. The minimum booking duration is one hour, unless specified else as listed on rates page. We do offer a discount when you book for longer hours with our escort agency in Belgium.

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