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Work As Escort in Belgium

Our escort agency in Belgium serves various client(s) on outcall basis only. This means that we provide legal & discreet services on professional level. We are on the lookout for motivated girls of at least 18 who want to work as escort. A mandatory requirement is that we only want to work with girls who choose voluntary for a profession as a escort girl. In exchange we offer not just a high salary, but also a personal driver, security & privacy when working with our agency. On top of that, our agency is under the supervision of a female owner.

If your interested please use the following signup form. Try to give us a brief indication on who you are, what you are looking for and dont forget to leave a picture. We can invite you for a personal meeting, in where you can fire all your questions towards us about the business, the work, the earning(s) and any other things that you may have. We tend to be discreet as possible. A photoshoot is recommended (led by our escort agency) because it increases the chances of a booking. Ofcourse we will mask out any recognizable parts of you.

Girls Of 18 And Above Wanted

The minimum law in Belgium to work within the prositution is 18 years and above. We do not make exceptions as we stick with the law and require girls not to only have the legal age, but also work on paper. We are a established and professional agency and want girls who work professional. Our website offers the perfect sollution for online applications and we will answer you within 24 hours. Any questions could be answerred by email or a phone conversation. Please note that we do not accept applications done by third party's or people.

When you fill in the following form, please try to be as clear as possible for our team to get a good understanding from you. This increases the changes of you applying for work. We raise the bar to only work with good professional, mid to high class females in Belgium / Vlaanderen and there is a chance that some might not pass the first round. We are a agency that offers Quality and not Quantity. When you place your application by using our website work as escort we will guarantee your privacy. No data is stored on our website.

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